Friday, 13 March 2009

Slack - Painkiller / Blade

It's Friday, so hey, here's a couple of Weatherall-related releases. No excuses required, though...

First up we've got Slack on the Sabres label from 1995 - starts off a fairly dark affair, which is always nice. Then gets fairly triumphant towards the end. No idea who is responsible for this (Drake/Whalley??) but they've done a grand job.

Anyone fancy recording Weatherall from Awdio tonight (Cookies, Germany)? I'm off to see Optimo does The Cramps so ain't gonna make it.

Slack - Painkiller
Slack - Blade
(separate links, dunno why...)

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Anonymous said...

keep em coming Moggie, all killer stuff, some I recognise and some that had passed me by. Got a huge collection of the house/techno/electro stuff so post on your site if you are missing any crucial tunes, I may be able to assist.

Moggieboy said...

Cheers! Might just do that... If you wanna email me it's

Johnnyboy said...

Posted on the same day two of my friends got engaged on and at their party this was played. They both had it when they first met. Nice one Moggieboy!
Saw you had a Conemelt tune up recently. Just uncovered their Crash Bang Wallop 12" in my collection. What a label!!

Moggieboy said...

Johnnyboy, plenty of Conemelt up already (click the label linky at the bottom), plenty more to come.

Matthew said...

Going by the names I'd say slack is possibly justin drake (peace division) and quinn whalley but I'm no doubt completly wrong!