Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Wladimir M - As The Leaves Fall From The Trees

Hearing records like this again is what makes doing this blog all worthwhile for me. Had completely forgotten about it until about 10 mins ago when it appeared in a random wad of 12"s I pulled out of a box.

Second release on the magnificent Eevo Lute label, this is from 1991(!) and is produced by Stefan Robbers and Wladimir Manshanden. Wladimir has an excellent sinister voice - and sometimes comes out with all sorts of beautiful prophetic poetry (check out track B2).

Goin' South is kinda Detroit meets old-skool Euro if that makes any sense, Reasonable Doubt is UR-style electro and Evil is kinda industrial/sinister/'evil'. More from Wladimir to come...

Wladimir M - As The Leaves Fall From The Trees <<-- new link
A - Goin' South
B1 - Reasonable Doubt
B2 - Evil

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Anonymous said...

yeah this stuff is awesome, evolute was (is) all class. looking forward to more Wladimir M.

nathan said...

Yeah had this roll on last night randomly at 2 in the morning and I got my 18th wind. Great stuff.

Anonymous said...

Link is broken... Is it possible to fix it? Thanks in advance. I love this 12" so much.

Moggieboy said...

No problem - that's you now.