Friday, 24 April 2009

Cosmic Baby - Loops Of Infinity (Remixes)

I remember buying this double pack 12" on Logic for about £15 one Friday from Tower, years ago (overpriced as hell - no wonder it shut down). I'd met up with a mate at lunchtime, and we'd started things off early. Think I'd just got a student loan or something so felt flush and ended up in Tower fucked, spending over £100. Woke up with a wallop about two days later, and found the same four tracks on a single 12" in Virgin for £1.99! Fortunately I knew a few of the folk who worked in Tower so was able to go in with tail between legs and got most of the cash back, thank fuck...

The mixes? Two from the 'Baby himself, both mighty fine, but the highlights for me are the ones by Arpeggiators (Harthouse brigade) and Jam & Spoon, who go all Age Of Love on us. Well worth a punt - great to stick on as we ease into the weekend.

Oh, I've done a Spotify playlist of the stuff that first got me Ripped In Glasgow (idea stolen from The Quietus' Horrors Playlist). Get it by clicking the green icon over there on the left.

Cosmic Baby - Loops Of Infinity (Remixes)
A1 - Impressionistic
A2 - Arpeggiators Remix
B1 - Expressionistic
B2 - Tripomatic Fairytales Remix

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Anonymous said...

Thanks, is a very good disc.