Monday, 27 April 2009

Electro CT - Metropolis Musica Part One

I have to be honest and report that I had no idea what this record was when it appeared in front of me - didn't recognise it at all. Through the magic of Discogs, I've learned that it's a French dude called Olivier Daric, "a pioneer DJ from the Paris rave scene", so there you go...

The A-side's got a great flow to it with some Clangers-style noises that sound like those things you blow into while moving the stick up and down at the bottom, then these really nice UR-style strings come in. It sounds a bit like something on the Touché label. I'm glad I picked this one out. Oh, just realised that was the B-side I was talking about. The A-side? A great pulsing techno track, bit faster than the other one, with more strings and great noises. I'm making this clear as mud, eh? Go download it and lemme know what you think...

Electro CT - Metropolis Musica Part One
A - Elevator
B - Le Géode (La Porte Des Etoiles)

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