Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Global Communication - The Way / The Deep

A deep house classic, this record doesn't sound remotely like it came out 13 years ago. I'm glad to be ripping this as the middle bit in my record is fucked due to too much drunken putting on/taking off the decks over the years. I'd like to think it was a design fault though - it's a bugger to get it to play properly.

They were always an interesting bunch, this pair. I loved the way they moved between genres at the drop of a hat, but always preferred this and their electro stuff to the ambience. Tom Middleton's DJ sets are the stuff of legend as well - check out the tracks on his mix CDs.

A - The Way (Secret Ingredients Mix)
AA - The Deep

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Ctelblog said...

Funny. I'm completely the opposite. Can take or leave this record and their electro. But their ambient stuff, 76:14 and Pentemerous Metamorphous are legendary

Moggieboy said...

Different strokes for different folks - the sign of a great act.

stx said...

I've got it on CD if you're interested.

Moggieboy said...

I had no idea it was taken from that old track. Magic!

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