Thursday, 16 April 2009

Green Velvet - Portamento Tracks

See all those remixes of Flash that did the rounds ad nausea till everyone was sick of them? Get them to FUCK - this is the real deal. The track that led to a generation of UK clubbers wanting to take laughing gas originally turned up as track B1 on this EP.

This was the second Green Velvet release, after 'Velvet Tracks', and came out on Relief in 1995. I could not believe what I was hearing at first, all four of these tracks got played to death for a long time - can't believe the vinyl's held out as well as it has.

Track A2 is uncredited on the label and ends in an out of sync locked groove. I've done a wee fade on it for you.

Any time I saw him live around this time (in either guise) he got those vocals nailed by singing into a set of headphones plugged into the mic socket. Don't try this at home kids...

Green Velvet - Portamento Tracks
A1 - I Want To Leave My Body
A2 - Fake & Phonie
B1 - Flash
B2 - Explorer

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stephen said...

Fuck me, B2 is good!

faceless said...

nice one - I just found this blog by chance and I'm glad I did.

(my word verification for this post was 'soma' - it's all too much...)

Pedro said...

Mogs, all these Chicago house cuts are massive!!! Thank you for this and the one true blog that keeps pumpin' out the hits that the "elitists" have always craved.

davie said...

moggie, i got a feelin we went to much the same nights...
i saw him at a pussypower night doing the headphone trick with these tunes...awesome awesome times :)

thanks for the reminders!!! keep em coming