Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Resistance D - Human E.P.

In response to the comments yesterday about some stuff similar to Acid Air Raid, here's a 12" from Frankfurt's Resistance D on the Harthouse label. Lots of fast acid techno here, the B-side is virtually a ballad as it's only 133 bpm!

Admittedly, this is much harder/faster than most of my records - will dig some out from time to time though, they're always good fun. Lurking somewhere is the classic Hardfloor Hardtrance Acperience EP (my first 'acid' record!) - will need to get hunting for that one...

Resistance D - Human E.P.
A1 - Connected Science
A2 - Human
B - Morning Sunrise

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Graham said...

Niiice. One of my very favourite tracks from the era is the Eternal Basement mix of Skyline (on the Inexhaustibility EP) - must try and dig it out tonight.

Also. do you have 'Through The Floor' by The Cause (Sabrettes)? Would love to hear that again.

And on another note, I saw Nina Walsh, ex Sabrettes and I think Weatherall's ex girlfriend playing an acoustic solo set last Thursday. Real nice - album coming out soon on Malicious Damage I believe.


Moggieboy said...

Thanks for the comments - yep got The Cause - watch this space...

WYV said...

great EP Moggieboy, but somehow your rip has ended up on chemical beats blog.

Moggieboy said...

I know - not for the first time. That blog seems to just lift everyone else's hard work and pass it off as its own.

Anonymous said...

awright man. not sure how to email you properly. possibly because im drunken. just had an inkling to listen to tangled in my thoughts hardfloor remix on the wonderful rising high label. dont suppse you have it do ya? an old friend took off with my version. love yer tunes! baz