Saturday, 25 April 2009

Suicide - 23 Minutes In Brussels

I guess not every Belgian is as musically adventurous as Telex from yesterday.

As infamous gigs go, this is up there with The Stooges' Metallic KO in the madness stakes. Suicide were supporting Elvis Costello (!) in 1978, and the crowd was not happy at having to wait to hear their 'hero'. Ghost Rider to start off with and it's all downhill from there. They get booed to fuck afterwards but that's just the beginning...

You get an "Elvis! Elvis!" chant after Rocket USA, booing and whistling throughout the fourth track, Dance. By the time they get to Frankie Teardrop, things are getting ugly. Someone in the audience steals the microphone, forcing the promoter to come out and demand it back or the show will be cancelled. Alan Vega subsequently begins to tell the crowd (or one person in particular) to "shut the fuck up - this is about Frankie!" and as the tape cuts, a full-fledged riot has broken out. Vega gets his nose broken, the club is torn up and the Suicide legend begins. Magnificent!

Now when the fuck is Peaches' cover of Jonny coming out?

Suicide - 23 Minutes In Brussels
Ghost Rider
Rocket USA
Frankie Teardrop

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Moggieboy said...

Norma G? Sorry chief - aint got that one...