Saturday, 11 April 2009

The Telescopes - Taste

A wee blast from the past here, which coincides with me going to see them tonight at the Captain's Rest in Glasgow. A right old noisy bunch, this lot got caught up in the Mary Chain's slipstream when they first appeared back in the late 80s. I remember going to see them in Edinburgh once upon a time, back in the days when that involved someone borrowing a parent's car and driving about 45 miles east, only to find that the gig was cancelled after we eventually found the venue. Ah, halcyon days indeed.

This was their debut album and still sounds good today - a nice bit of noisy guitar to clear out the cobwebs. Aye.

The cunts better show up tonight...

The Telescopes - Taste
And Let Me Drift Away
I Fall, She Screams
Oil Seed Rape
The Perfect Needle
There Is No Floor
Anticipating Nowhere
Please, Before You Go
Silent Water

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cbeattie said...

'silent water' is the stand-out track for me, but the rest have lasted pretty well too. they were fairly loud live as i recall, are they still?

Moggieboy said...

Wasn't a proper 'Scopes gig - only Stephen Lawrie. Half the gig was him acoustic, then he was joined by the support band for an electric set. I ended up missing most of it due to catching up with pals up the stairs...