Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Cajmere featuring Nané - Keep Movin'

Does anyone really need six different versions of an 18 year old Cajmere track? Hmmm...

The main track is a kinda piano-vocal housey breakbeat number with fairly average remixes, but the B-side mixes are the dugz bawz.

On the flip, B2 pioneers the 'percolator' sound, basically the track that I'm guessing became 'Time For The Percolator' once he added vocals and sped it up a bit. I'm pretty sure Cajmere's on the straight and narrow now, and has even *gasp* found God, so there'll be no more 'Straight Up Drugs' remixes then...

B3 has a great old-skool 808 State-style in-yer-face riff that's repeated ad nausea with a 'come on, right now' vocal. Magnificent.

My advice? Unless you're a Cajmere completist ditch the A1, A2 & B1 mixes and keep the rest...

Cajmere featuring Nané - Keep Movin'
A1 - Keep Movin' (Radio Version)
A2 - Keep Movin' (Dub Mix)
A3 - Keep Movin' (Club Mix)
B1 - Keep Movin' (Instrumental)
B2 - Keep Movin' (Straight Up Drugs Mix)
B3 - Keep Movin' (Underground Goodie Mix)

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