Friday, 19 June 2009

Glenn Underground - Atmosfear

This album came out on Peacefrog in 1996, but I think it's more of a collection of different tracks from different periods. Track A2 dates back to 1992, when he was plain old Glenn Crocker, and it's co-produced by Steve Poindexter.

My personal favourite track on this album was always C2 but the whole thing's a winner, bits of house, deep-house, Detroit sounds and even a wee bit of jazz chucked in for good measure.

Some odd spellings on the track titles, and the UK spelling of 'colour' - kinda odd dont'cha think...?

Glenn Underground - Atmosfear
A1 - Israelee Night Falls
A2 - Entercourse Of The New Age
B1 - Rising Son
B2 - May Datroit
C1 - Colouration
C2 - Dance Slam
D1 - Sound Struck
D2 - Midnight Groove

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Anonymous said...

nice one once again moggieboy cheers

I remeber a white label doin the rounds a while back with Sneak on one side and GU on the other doin a brilliant version of Donna Summers I Feel Love

D`you have it by any chance ?


Moggieboy said...

Yassss!! Just got it there. Will fire up when it arrives.

Anonymous said...

nice one!!! cannae wait now bud

so true what you`re saying about giving tunes to peeps you dont really know,I got burned not too long ago from a work mate who got the danny mac not long after i gave him a wad of old R&S and other classic techno the bassa!!

thx once again for the best site in t`internetland