Thursday, 11 June 2009

Inner City - Ahnonghay

The title's a bit of a mouthful, but here's three great mixes of Ahnonghay for ya. Dave Clarke was in the middle of his 'Red' period when he did it, and it sounds like it - take the spoken sample of the title off it and it's Red 2.5. I enjoyed Red 1 & 2 though, so this was a winner round at R-i-G towers back in the day.

It was always about the Carl Craig mix though, just for a change. It's magnificent - my interest in Craig dipped a bit after this with the Landcruising album, maybe I jut never gave it the attention it deserved but he was never an album artist in my opinion.

Still can't pronounce the title despite all the mixes featuring it. They seem to piss about with it as well, just to annoy you...

Inner City - Ahnonghay
A - Ahnonghay (Dave Clarke Mix)
B1 - Ahnonghay (Carl Craig Remix)
B2 - Ahnonghay (Original Reese Mix)

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Simon said...

I always thought it sounded like "a non-gay" which kind of fucked with my head when I was thinking about coming out. Heh heh. I love all these mixes, but Dave Clarke's breakbeats really slay me.