Wednesday, 17 June 2009

Technova - Tantra Remixes

Remix 12" for this previous upload, this sees Innersphere take control for a couple of fab mixes which are a more sensible 8-9 mins in length this time...

I'd like to think that these Sabres guys all shared a big block of flats together down dark'n'dingy London way, and they could just pass DAT tapes down from one window to the other for a remix, then send it down to Lord Audrey Witherspoon for the release.

Just the one post today as I'm off to see the mighty Throbbing Gristle and it's an early kick-off. Hope there's a few freaks there and it's not just baldy guys...

Technova - Tantra Remixes
A - Tantra (West Of Frankfurt Mix)
B - Tantra (East Of Detroit Dub)

Buy it here


Ronald Chutney said...

Thanks for this mate, will help drown out the sound of the Oasis support I can hear coming from Murrayfield

Anonymous said...

there were certainly plenty of freaks there.