Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Vainqueur - Reduce

Definitely not Maurizio, as I'd previously thought, but a chap by the name of René Löwe. His stuff's been out on various Moritz labels though, you'll probably have a fair idea of what it'll sound like.

I prefer the B-side to the A but they're both worth a punt if you're into the Basic Channel / Chain Reaction kinda thang.

I was hoping that his name would turn up in Google translate as 'wanker' but it's 'winner'...

Vainqueur - Reduce
A - Reduce 2
B - Reduce 1

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Alan said...

Thanks for posting this. Rene is one half of Scion who did a great mix of Basic Channel tracks a few years back, and which was released on Tresor. The other half of Scion is Pete, who works at Hardwax Records in Berlin. They have other releases on Chain Reaction also. Vainqueur's Solanus is one of my favourite records.