Monday, 6 July 2009

DJ Sneak - Blue Belly Bandit E.P.

A great EP of housey nonsense from 1996 here, with lots of those filtery bits'n'bobs that were doing the rounds back then.

A1 features a sax riff which I'm sure I've heard somewhere before, I'm no fan of the sax but it's not too intrusive. Great title though, conjures up all sorts of images in my deviant head.

A2's got a great riff that makes you think it's slowing down and speeding up with a great wee guitar lick on it, before a vocal hook comes in, "can you feel it?" (hence the title, I guess).

B1 is where it's at though, lots of great synth sounds coming in and out as we progress through the track, over a guitar riff that reminds me a wee bit of the start of Sueno Latino.

This'll be the last post for a couple of days as we're off to a wedding in a castle down at the borders (on a Tuesday!) and if it lives up to expectations should write us off till Friday...

DJ Sneak - Blue Belly Bandit E.P.
A1 - Sneaky Finger Man
A2 - Can You
B1 - Latin Seoul
B2 - Fierce! (Queen's Anthem)

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Anonymous said...

Cracking EP! BTW the horn sample on 'Sneaky Finger Man' is from 'Candido' - Thousand Fingered Man from '79 - classic bit of disco/proto-house

Tommy said...

good work moggieboy, and from Anon.s Cracking EP! comments look you flushed out a trainspotter

chris said...

wicked, thanks. fills the gaps in my sneak collection.

one of my treasured clubland memories is clambering up on stage while he waqs djing hee in melbourne mid-90s and rolling joints for him. and hearing him at slam in '97, with orde and derrick. fully sik mate!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic 12", probably my fave of his stuff. Followed closely by Sneak essentials 1 + 2