Thursday, 9 July 2009

Fruits of God - Lion's Fear EP

Something for everyone on this EP on the See Saw label from 1992.

The '303 Mix' lives up to its billing and is pretty fucking hard acid, but there's nothing jungle about the 'Jungle Mix', it's more early trance than anything else. Who gives a fuck though - it's a great track.

The B-sides are a bit calmer, almost Detroit-esque in places. Great noises and nice mechanical melodies. See what I mean - all bases covered.

No idea about the personnel involved on this one - they don't look like they've done too much else, according to Discogs.

I only just realised there (17 years later) that the 'See' label is an eye, and the 'Saw' label is a circular saw. On the ball as ever...

Fruits of God - Lion's Fear EP
A1 - Lion's Fear (303 Mix)
A2 - Lion's Fear (Jungle Mix)
B1 - Spirits
B2 - Confirm

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