Monday, 13 July 2009

Various Artists - 1-7

Check this fuckin joker - calling himself 'Various Artists' - aye that's a nice easy one to store/google/find. Turns out he's also the Traktor dude I posted a while back. Known to his mum as Torsten Pröfrock, he's done other stuff on Chain Reaction as Erosion and Resilient which I'll stick up at some point.

Minimal as hell, this is one for the Basic Channel hardcore, not too much on the 'melody' front here. I fuckin love it, but it's definitely an acquired taste.

Before doing this blog I had no idea I'd bought so many Basic Channel / Chain Reaction records. Turns out I've got hunners of the bastards...

Various Artists - 1-7
A1 - 1
A2 - 2
A3 - 3
B1 - 4
B2 - 5
B3 - 6
B4 - 7

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Ronald Chutney said...

Enjoyed that, Basic Channel stuff's like Rockabilly, all sounds the same but different, no bad thing

stephen said...

Moggieboy, please get those 'hunners' up asap!