Saturday, 4 July 2009

Various - White Flight EP

Mid 90s techno on a Saturday? It's all over the place this month...

This is an EP on Black Nation Records from 1995, featuring Jay Denham on the two A-side tracks and a dude called Chance McDermott doing both the tracks on the flip.

I bought this for track A1, which features some great squelchy noises that sound as if they shouldn't go together melodically, but somehow it all works and it's a belter of a tune.

B2 is more of an acid track, which turns into a nice melodic piece after a couple of minutes.

B1 sounds like very exuberant orchestral acid with wee snatches of the riff from "No Limits" by 2 Unlimited thrown in at the start (or at least that's what it sounds like to me). Mental? Aye...

Finally we've got a UR-style track to finish what I'm rediscovering as a great EP - this is making me so glad that I'm doing R-i-G as stuff like this would probably never have been listened to again.

Off to a stag night tonight for the guy who first persuaded me to 'check out this dance music stuff' one night at the Arches, and the rest is history. This one's for you, Andy...

Various - White Flight EP
A1 - Fade II Black - Tweekin
A2 - Vice - Moon Mist
B1 - Chance - Trakmo
B2 - Endangered Technology - Digital Overthrow

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