Saturday, 5 September 2009

Brain Donor - Get Off Your Pretty Face

A 7" 'intriguing' picture disc from Julian Cope's acid fuzz-rock trio, Brain Donor, formed in 2001 and consisting of Cope with two members of Spiritualized.

This was the second single released by the band, a taster for the debut album 'Love, Peace & Fuck' which I've got on beautiful double-white vinyl somewhere.

The band's aim is "a desire to combine Van Halen-esque heavy metal with garage rock in the style of Blue Cheer, and Japanese bands High Rise and Mainliner."

Here's what Cope has to say about this single:

"Donorland explodes with these two cloven-hoofed Pan-shamanic frig-ditties. This life affirming proto-Wodinist upheaval is available in two formats: CD and intriguing 7" picture disc. Ritual death in the afternoon never felt so good."

Totally bonkers in other words...

Brain Donor - Get Off Your Pretty Face

A - Get Off Your Pretty Face
B - Who Will Entertain Your Moron?

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Anonymous said...

The other 7" they released around time which I'm sure you'll have has Shaman UFO on it, what a belter of a tune. Only saw the Copester once around 10 years ago, he played an amazing version of Sleeping Gas with Donald Ross Skinner. He doesn't get the kudos he deserves.

georgethe23rd said...

Thanks for the Julian Cope stuff. Have you got his LAMF album? Superb and well worth posting online if you have. Over an hour of ambient noodling guitar stuff, with the occasional awesome bass riff. "A drummerless ancient landscape of Van Halen-esque riffs and freebass clatter... 77 minutes of glambient top-end".

Moggieboy said...

Yep - got pretty much all the Cope stuff give or take the odd more recent instrumental thang.

Might stick this up at some point, but my CDs are right at the bottom of a massive pile of stuff at the back of a cupboard so might take a while...

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