Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Cajmere - Chit Chat (The Remixes) / Coffee Pot

"It's time for the percolator"...

This was a remix of the Underground Goodies Vol 3 EP which finally gives the Percolator track the light of day, from 1992.

I always loved the track Chit Chat, and the mixes here are about the best that he did from the pre-Cajual period. The big tune is Percolator though, and it took me ages to get my hands on this 12" - kept thinking that other coffee-related tunes were the one, but when I got home from the shop it wasn't the one. It was such a hit that future versions had PERCOLATOR in massive letters on the label but who give a fuck - this is classic Cajmere. There's a wee jump at the end of it that I can't do anything about but it doesn't interfere with the track too much - apologies for that one.

Track B3 must not be overlooked - it is an excellent Green Velvet-style tune with a great kick drum and laser-gun noises over a great building synth line. A magnificent end to a fab remix EP...

Cajmere - Chit Chat (The Remixes) / Coffee Pot
A1 - Chit Chat (Chit Chat Remix)
A2 - Chit Chat (Clubhouse Mix)
A3 - Chit Chat (Late Night Mix)
B1 - Chit Chat (Original Instrumental)
B2 - Coffee Pot (Percolator Mix)
B3 - Naumatunedacorra (Remix)

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Anonymous said...

tnx for this,great!