Saturday, 12 September 2009

Jam & Spoon - Follow Me!

As a companion to Acid Ted's Jam & Spoon post the other week, here's my tuppence-worth. Someone mentioned it in the comments box and I thought it was about time for an outing.

Ignore the few crackles at the start and behold the swarm of bees that builds up over the 13 mins of this majestic track.

Slag off Jam & Spoon if you want, but if you ever heard this (or Stella) in a club back in the day you'll know why I'm posting this.

The first time I heard it was when a mate returned from a Pure-related night down in London that had been in a car park ("Sprint"?), and put this on my deck. I couldn't fuckin believe it - total insanity. Got dutifully in the zone and listened to it again the next weekend, the went to Pure and it got played. Cue the madness...

This record is in a terrible state - the A-side has patches all over it which makes it look like a leopard (or a bit Singing Detective) - no worries - it's shitty mixes of 'Right In The Night', a pish track, and this side's in a bit better state (must be the drunk falling over and keeping his pint straight up again). Follow Me plays OK, thank fuck. Go buy the original if you want to, and give me a copy! This rip actually counteracts much of the shittiness of the nick of the vinyl.

I defy you not to get goosebumps as it hits the 6 minute mark. Then start punching the air at the 8 min mark. FLANGE-TASTIC! Then it's the swarm of bees again - aw man it's the bees knees…

No need for any of the other tracks as (a) they're fucked, and (b) they're shite.


Jam & Spoon - Follow Me!

Buy it here


Captain Howdy said...

Brilliant way to start the day! One of the all-time Pure classics! Cheers!

James said...

I seem to remember a phase in Glasgow where every after party would have a part-time DJ mixing this with Sugar Daddy.

Or was it just one guy doing the same parties?

Great tune though.

James said...

...Hold on, maybe I was just going to the wrong parties? Damn.