Friday, 25 September 2009

Kenny Larkin - Integration / Colony / Metropolis / Colonize

Four Detroit-tastic Larkin tracks from 1991.

This originally came out on Plus 8, but mine's an inside-out red vinyl jobby on the UK 'Champion' label. Looking at the label, it reminds me of a time I used to work in a petrol station as a kid and a guy came in to pay for his petrol, buy fags and thanked me by saying, "cheers pal, that's champion". What the fuck?? That's champion? Who speaks like this? Maybe I should integrate it into my inventory of chat from now on.

The tunes here are all champion - there's only one city on the planet that they could have been produced. I can't believe that they're almost 20 years old as well - mental. They're all co-produced by John Acquaviva which is a nice Brucie bonus.

Oh I do like a good Friday off work...

Kenny Larkin - Integration / Colony / Metropolis / Colonize
A1 - Integration
A2 - Colony
B1 - Metropolis
B2 - Colonize

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Tommy said...

You got Champion a lot in Viz