Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Recloose - So This Is The Dining Room

Debut Planet E release for this act, aka beardy chin-stroking type Matthew Chicoine, from 1998.

This is a mixed bag, featuring a downtempo track mixed by Carl Craig (thumbs up), a jazzy track, and a classic Detroit-style track mixed by Carl Craig (big thumbs up). Guess which one's the duffer?

This 12" first came to my attention due to the big horrible-looking burger on the sleeve with hunners of reel-to-reel tape as a garnish AND an olive on top. Check it oot below, not very appetising is it? She's gonna hurt her hand on the top of that stick with the flag on it as well. She looks a bit fucked though, so might not notice till tomorrow...

Pick of the bunch for me is the B-side, which features Carl Craig's magic touch all over it. A great piece of music.

So... download the pack, listen to it in the correct order attempting the whole of A2, then more than likely delete track A2 and enjoy the magic of the other two tracks...

Recloose - So This Is The Dining Room
A1 - Dencity (mixed by Carl Craig)
A2 - Dislocate
B - MYM230 (R.I.P.) (mixed by Carl Craig)

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david said...

I'm sure i heard that he got signed to planet e by putting a demo in Carl's sandwich, hence the cover.