Sunday, 22 November 2009

Fur Bible - Fur Bible

A 12" single on New Rose records, released in 1985.

Check out the lineup for this short-lived act: Kid Congo Powers (Bad Seeds, Cramps & Gun Club), Patricia Morrison (Gun Club, Sisterhood, Sisters Of Mercy) and Murray Mitchell (not a lot else but he did go on to produce a Primal Scream track). To top it all, the EP is produced by Jim (Foetus) Thirwell.

Usually projects like this (I don't wanna use the term 'supergroup' as it conjures up mental images of the Travelling Wilburys and suchlike) have a habit of being a bit of a let down, but this one works. It should appeal to anyone who digs any of the above acts (apart from the Travelling Wilburys).

I just found out that Kid Congo is playing a mega-rare Glasgow gig this Thursday at the Soundhaus (flyer here). Fuck me! He's had a recent album out but will hopefully be delving into the past for a few treats along the way. Tickets are a mere £8 as well. See you down the front...

Fur Bible - Fur Bible
A1 - Plunder the Tombs
B1 - Headbolt
B2 - Fumble Fist

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Moggieboy said...

Ah, jealous as hell about that one.

alan said...

Novemberer. Only been to your fair town once, for The Cramps at Rock City, Jebus, just looked at the Fiends CD, that would be 2003! Went on my lonesome and met some quality folk who took me along to the Rescue rooms for afters. Took a wrong turn and had a big walk over the Trent back to my digs. A highlight of my gig going life, have an absolute blast on Friday.

Mainy said...

Thanks for this. used to have it, but it got lost in the shuffle of moving once.
There's a review up on my myspace blog of last nights Soundhaus gig.
Type in eld1ablo and you will find it.

Moggieboy said...

Yep - it was a helluva show. Can't believe that was the first time I'd seen him, despite all the Optimo appearances with Khan. What a showman!

Moggieboy said...

Patricia interview? Oh yes please.

Mainy said...

I've found it, but I might have to scan it, or retype it out.

Novemberer said...

Kid Congo & co were great - played all of the new Dracula Boots LP plus a smattering of (ahem) "oldies" : "Sexbeat", "For The Love Of Ivy", Goo Goo Muck", "I'm Cramped" - no Fur Bible though! Spoke to him v.briefly (while I was getting his sig) & mentioned Plunder The Tombs which he seemed to find very amusing! Muttered something about his ex-manager recently finding a stash of "lost" tapes from that era & threatening to release 'em...!