Sunday, 29 November 2009

Julian Cope - Live Japan '91

Superb live set from 1991, released 'to undermine the current slew of mediocre Cope bootleg recordings available, with handsomely packaged alternative releases', according to the Head Heritage website.

Well fuck me, this is classic Cope from his Peggy Suicide tour. I couldn't believe it when this popped up to buy (briefly) on his site. Check the set out - a nice wee mix of Peggy stuff with a few oldies thrown in as well. I like the fact that the CD lists Out Of My Mind On Dope And Speed as 'Of Rope And Speed' -> lost in translation perhaps...

I'm sitting here nursing a great rock'n'roll scar as my eyebrow got burst by the neck of a guitar last night during a Monotonix gig - didn't realise it was bleeding until my girlfriend put a hanky on my face and showed me it - totally red. Magic! Felt a bit dizzy for a wee while but it's OK today. Another sedate set from the most insane band I've ever seen.

Anyway - this Cope set is magnificent. It's nice to hear "Out Of My Mind..." with a bass on it for once, as he 'forgot' to put one on it on the original Skellington version. A great extended workout of Sleeping Gas as well, as he was prone to playing back then.

Right - head starting to hurt now. Only one solution...

Julian Cope - Live Japan '91
1 - Hanging Out And Hung Up On The Line
2 - You Think It's Love
3 - East Easy Rider
4 - Pristeen / Double Vegetation
5 - Promised Land
6 - Leperskin
7 - Yeah Yeah Yeah
8 - Bill Drummond Said
9 - Beautiful Love
10 - Sleeping Gas
11 - Sunspots
12 - Out Of My Mind Of Rope And Speed
13 - World Shut Your Mouth

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Scott said...

Just came on to this post, fantastic! Thanks!