Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Kosmic Messenger - Eye 2 Eye

aka Stacey Pullen, this was released on Plink Plonk in 1995.

I fuckin loved this record - it had all the right ingredients for me: spacey beats and cymbals, flange, crisp clean bass sound, liquid flow, and most importantly it was British which meant a fiver rather than £7.50 down at the local vinyl emporium. Sorted!

Anyone who's not heard Stacey's old DJ Kicks mix CD from around this period should check it out. Superb mixing, and a superb set to boot. I had the CD first time round but it got a nasty sticky spillage on the wrong side of the disc. Haven't listened to it for ages but I'll be listening to it tomorrow morning thanks to the magic of the internet.

It's a bit of an odd pressing - the bit at the start where you put the needle down is massive, and one track per side allows the grooves to be that wee bit further apart making for a much better pressing. I'm a sad cunt aren't I.

The Mr C mix on the other side is ace as well - more crisp clean flowing liquid techno that I could sit and listen to all day.

Only the one post today as it's my birthday and I've been promised a romantic meal out at a Malaysian restaurant...

Kosmic Messenger - Eye 2 Eye
A - Eye 2 Eye
B - Sea 2 Sea / Mr C Remix

Buy it here


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday! Part of the parental leg over on or near Valentines day clan as well. Seems to be a true cluster fuck of sorts.

Nonokrion said...

Yea! Happy Birthday!

Captain Howdy said...

Happy birthday, Moggieboy!

Social-Living said...

Top quality! Plink Plonk is possibly my all time favourite record label... think I have everything they released. We always used to head up to London for their Vapourspace nights - good times!

Pedro said...

happy Blated bday, holmes!!!

great tune, thanks. Also Stacy p's Dj Kicks has to be the best one of the series, ace.

HOUSE4EVER said...

i wish Happy birthday too.

Social-Living said...

Check this out: Electronic Warfare - 19 tunes from the Plink Plonk catalogue mixed by Mr C. Been on high rotation in the car since reading your Kosmic Messenger post last week: https://www.yousendit.com/download/TzY1anZvNHZqV0N4dnc9PQ (link will work for a week).

Moggieboy said...

Cheers for the mix - excellent stuff.