Monday, 30 November 2009

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Intimités EP

Early release from this pair, released in 1999 on Gigolos.

Hmmm. The bubble burst on this 'scene' fairly quickly, but this 12" caught Miss Kittin & The Hacker before it went stale. Ignore the pointless Kittin Intro and cut straight to the three big tracks contained within.

A2 has a really simple 3-note keyboard riff and some great distorted kick-drum before some detuned synths creep in over the top Great stuff indeed. A3 is billed as a 'bonus track' (aye right - in the middle of an EP?) and is a cover of the Eurythmics track of the same name. I was never a fan of Eurythmics but this does the job nicely. After about two minutes of a breakbeat and not a lot else, the Sweet Dreams riff comes in and it actually works, the bass hook in particular.

For me though, the big tune is B1 - I've had a google to see who J.M. Wicker is/was and the best I can get is this scientific document, published in 1999 on the subject of Acoustic Waves, so there you go. It's just a really simple hook that they fanny about with over the course of 11mins or so, with a few words thrown on top for good measure. It's got a sample of the drum fill from Promised Land as well (or it sounds like that to me). The detuned synth sound is present here as well, it all fits together perfectly.

Sssshh, nobody mention 'electroclash'...

Miss Kittin & The Hacker - Intimités EP
A1 - Kittin Intro
A2 - Uno
A3 - Sweet Dreams
B1 - Flexibility (A Tribute To J.M. Wicker)
B2 - The Hacker Outro

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