Monday, 16 November 2009

Various - Blueprints For Modern (Techno)logy Vol. 1

AMAZING Plus 8 compilation from 1991.

You need to download this - it's a star-studded trip through the beginning of the Plus 8 label, featuring all the usual suspects. One of the first dance compilations I bought (pre decks so on CD as well!) - just check out that tracklisting.

I hadn't listened to this for about 15 years at a rough guess, until the other day when I dug it out. It's been on quite a few times since then, and hasn't lost any of its edge. So much so that I can't offer a pick o'the bunch as they're all fuckin fantastic.

If you want to know the producers behind the pseudonyms check out the Discogs listing here.

Proper fucking old-school techno...

Various - Blueprints For Modern (Techno)logy Vol. 1
1 - States Of Mind - Elements Of Tone (J's A Mix)
2 - Kenny Larkin - We Shall Overcome (Richie's Loonie Mix)
3 - Cybersonik - Technarchy
4 - F.U.S.E. - Technotropic
5 - Speedy J - Wicked Saw
6 - Psyance - Motion
7 - Cybersonik - Backlash (Radio Edit)
8 - Kenny Larkin - Colonize
9 - Speedy J - Pullover (Remix #2)
10 - Final Exposure - Vortex
11 - Speedy J - Evolution
12 - F.U.S.E. - F.U.2 (Re-edit)
13 - Circuit Breaker - Overkill

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Ron said...

Used to have a tape of this years ago welcome blast from the past, Wicked Saw total does it for me

Anonymous said...

Hadn't heard this comp before. Great collection.

9f said...

re "Hadn't heard this...". it was me, must've hit wrong checkbox. Meant to ask if you have the other volumes ?

Moggieboy said...

Fraid not, just this fella.

9f said...

Thanks for this one.