Friday, 22 January 2010

Pictureplane - Trance Doll / New Mind

7" single from 2009 on Lovepump United records.

The first of two 7" singles that I'll fire up which I bought at the HEALTH gig at Optimo last year. One of the gigs of the year.

This is the first record that I've put up which isn't on Discogs! Mental.

Pictureplane is Travis Egedy to his mum, and he did a remix of the Die Slow single which I'll put up in a bit, and I'm guessing that he maybe supported them at some point hence the sales at the gig and the thanks in this nice insert (front and back).

The tracks? Distorted kick drums with distorted synth and snatches of vocals, Stereogum described his sound as "90s house, dreamy '80s synth-pop, poppy darkwave, tripped and colorful Black Dice-style noise, bottomed-out hiss, weirdo Sublime Frequencies drum circles, and a surprisingly ready-for-the-club semi-sheen", so there you go.

I think Lovepump United is rapidly becoming one of my favourite labels...

Pictureplane - Trance Doll / New Mind
A - Trance Doll (Post World Edit)
B - New Mind

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