Thursday, 11 February 2010

69 - Lite Music

12" EP on Planet E from 1994.

It's been a while since I stuck up a 12", but I fancied a listen to this so thought I'd rip it.

This sees Carl Craig on excellent form, so good that at least two local clubs have named themselves after tracks on it. Jam The Box is a fairly new club in Edinburgh, and My Machines has been going for a good while now in Glasgow. Is there a club called 'Microlovers'? Maybe...

The pick of the bunch for me is B1, which has that trademark Craig 'mental synth' that bends all over the place. In fact, the only straight 4/4 tune, A1, is maybe the weakest. For anyone else it would be

69 - Lite Music
A1 - Jam The Box
A2 - Desire
B2 - My Machines
B2 - Microlovr

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