Friday, 5 February 2010

Mute - Alistair's Theme

12" by Orlando Voorn released on T&B vinyl in 1995.

... but the real reason for posting this is the subject of the release. Alistair was one of the first 'characters' who I came across when I started clubbing. I was about 18, and he seemed to be about 50-odd and was THE most insane (in a good way) character on the scene (this took some doing, 1992-95 was pretty hardcore mental)... We frequented the same nightspots, namely Pure in Edinburgh and Pussypower & Tangent in Glasgow. He passed away yesterday, after a long battle with cancer. I have many memories of the old nutter, who was ever-present on the stage at Pure just in front of the DJ booth, and a regular feature at the multi-various after-parties in Edinburgh and Glasgow. He even got a post in the 'clubland characters' column in Muzik magazine one time. I didn't know what to make of him at first until I initially spoke to him, and he was beautifully softly spoken, super-intelligent and completely old-skool bonkers. The anecdote in the following link regarding Derrick May happened around this time.

I can't even begin to tell the full Alistair story, so I demand you to read this beautiful tribute from JD Twitch on the Optimo site.

I remember being at the night at the Arena in question, where Orlando DJ'd and was introduced to the great man. He was totally nocturnal, and the first ever Pure birthday party that I went to (Weatherall at #3 in 1993) opened early at 8pm for maximum raving. Alistair wasn't used to such an early rise and pulled out a packed-lunch-style breakfast to eat in the downstairs bit when we got in. This obviously did the trick as he took pride of place up on the stage for the duration of the show.

I didn't see him for ages after I stopped going to Pure, until a few years ago when I bumped into him at a thing at the QM of all places, he looked great and had actually put some weight on - he used to be skeletal. This was the only time I met him after the 'window incident' (see Keith's story in the link above) and he was as full of the charm as ever.

Rave in peace...

Mute - Alistair's Theme

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