Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Barry Choonz - Pure Anthems

Superb mix of old classics from the finest club ever to grace the planet.

This came to me via the Ripped In Glasgow Facebook Group, which I started up a while back in the vain hope that some of you folk would start putting up stuff of your own. Well whaddya know - it's fuckin taking off! Go check it oot.

Barry has indeed mixed together some Pure anthems - I shook my thang to every one of these back in the day...

Regular viewers may remember that once upon a time I said that my 'desert island DJ' would be JD Twitch and this mix is inspired by the music he played (alongside partner-in-crime Brainstorm) at Pure in Edinburgh. Check out his more-together-than-the-rest-of-us ramblings about the MADNESS about halfway down this page. After this he went on to start up Optimo back in his Glasgow hometown, with fellow spinner JG Wilkes. A week or so ago it was announced that the mighty 'Mo was to finish after 12 and a bit years. A shame? Maybe, but it's been a helluva ride, and that's pretty good going for ANY club. If you read the post on the forum it's pretty obvious that they'll be back in some form or another so all is not lost. I won't make to the final night (25th April), but will be there on the 11th for my own personal 'cheerio', after the Detachments gig at King Tuts. They've done a Fabric CD as well, due for release on 10 May, looking good judging by the tracklisting here.

So, cheers for the mix Barry, and there's plenty more where this came from over on the Facebook group...

Barry Choonz - Pure Anthems
1 - E-Dancer - Pump the move

2 - Cybersonik - Technarchy

3 - D.H.S. - House of God

4 - Second Phase - Mentasm

5 - Underground Resistance - Assault

6 - F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse

7 - Teste - The Wipe

8 - Plastikman - Spastik

9 - Secret Cinema - Timeless Altitude

10 - Capricorn - 20Hz

11 - Green Velvet - Flash

12 - Richie Hawtin - Call It What You Want!

13 - pH1 - Mr Stumble

14 - Secret Cinema - Straight Forward

(Excerpt from: Johnny Dangerous - Problem No. 13) 

15 - Eddie Flashin’ Fowlkes - 420–low

16 - Jimi Tenor - Take Me Baby

17 - (ONE MORE TUNE!) Motorhead - Ace of Spades

Check out some old Pure photos and other pish here


Anonymous said...

Is this old Barry that used to go to Pure - he was forty when I left Edinburgh and that was about 14 years ago. Great bloke if it is. Cheers Barry man, hope you're doing well.
Pure, Pure, Pure. I'm still there, sorting out an e. Heading down the front. Feeling a smile starting to tickle my face. Seeing my mates start to appear. Feeling the groove kick in. Centre of the hurricane. Good times. Thanks for this.


Ad said...

Awesome selection. Brings back some pretty hazy memories, not of Pure but of the 'temptation' nights at Lakota in Bristol. Same quality Techno, still makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up now!

Francois said...

Nice mix thanks

Tim said...

ah the memories..... :)
thanks mog!

Pearsall said...

top mix!