Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The Real Kids - Foggy Notion

10" EP released on Norton Records in 2006.

This features the earliest known live recordings from The Kids (soon to be known as The Real Kids) recorded in Boston in 1974.

I picked this up from the Volcanic Tongue record stall at the Nurse With Wound Midsummer Day Dream event at the Tramway on Saturday, which was a superb day/evening. Well done to Optimo for organising said one-off extravaganza, cannae wait to see what they've got up their sleeves for the next time.

Anyway - saw this 10" and had to buy it, I'm a sucker for any early recordings of Velvets covers and we're treated to three here, complete with great bits of audience chatter in between. There's a a great extended work-out of Jonathan Richman's "Fly Into The Mystery" on the flip as well, no great surprise as John Felice from The Kids was also in the Modern Lovers.

Fuck me! It's been an insane couple of months of hunners-of-stuff-on but we're back! Back! BACK!...

The Real Kids - Foggy Notion
A1 - Foggy Notion
A2 - There She Goes Again
A3 - Sweet Jane
B - Fly Into The Mystery

Check out The Real Kids website here


Novemberer said...

Looks great! I wonder if that sleeve's available as a t-shirt?

Moggieboy said...

It's actually got a nice silhouette face thing in the bottom left corner that you can't make out from the scan. Looks even better in real life!

BUKOWSKI said...

I never really 'got' THE REAL KIDS - by the time they actually got round to recording, they were a poor derivative of 'new wave / power pop' BUT this is wonderful!!!

Fantastic versions of some of the greatest songs ever written!

So very easy to hear FELICE's influence upon THE MODERN LOVERS ... shame he never really got the chance to record with them.

Anonymous said...

Thanx you very much for "The Kids" 1974 & Siggy Pop Hammersmith 2010!

cuorediformaggio said...

I am a litle late in the game, but would really like to listen to the real kids foggy notion 10".
Unfortunately the 4shared link is not workong anymore.
Can you help me?
Thanks a lot.


Moggieboy said...

Hi, the record is somewhere in my flat - if I find it I'll rip it again for you. Just back up and running again after a period of down-time...