Thursday, 3 June 2010

Tragic City Thieves - Leviathan / Rock'n'Roll Message Of War

Two tracks by the hottest thing to come out of Port Glasgow since smack, crack and the bad AIDS.

I first saw this band a few weeks ago at King Tuts, on the constant fucking hounding recommendation of two pals who have seen them an unhealthy amount of times since they moved up from Brighton. Seriously - the live show has to be seen to believed. I've not seen a bunch of young 'uns with this much spunk since, well, let's not go down that route...

They're playing at Pivo Pivo in Glasgow this Saturday which you should make a point of dropping in on if you're in town. If not, check their MySpazz or Facebook pages for upcoming dates. Have a read at their self-penned biog here, it's well worth a read (as is a great live review here). I don't do this kind of thing lightly (promote local new talent), and they've not approached me to do this either (unlike various other cunts who shall remain nameless).

Definitely ones to watch, if you dug the Stooges post down below then take a chance on this lot...

Tragic City Thieves - Leviathan / Rock'n'Roll Message Of War
1 - Leviathan
2 - Rock'n'Roll Message Of War

Check out their MySpazz here