Thursday, 22 July 2010

Bis - Fact 2002 EP

4-track EP of Factory-related covers, released on Optimo's OSCARR label in 2002. Press release here if anyone feels the need.

This was requested in a post down below and the original poster managed to get it, but here you go anyway. Don't say I'm not good to you. I've always had a lot of time for Bis and their various offshoots - Data Panik, Dirty Hospital and the like. Initially famous for being the first unsigned band to appear on TOTP (yawn) they went onto much greater things in my opinion, such as the magnificent Eurodisco. They split up in 2003 before reforming in 2007 - I recently caught them at Primavera, as did half of Glasgow going by the crowd who were there.

I'm off to the Wickerman festival tomorrow and one of the bands on is the Amphetameanies, featuring moonlighting Bis axe-hero John, who you should really check out doing Model 500's Chase on his home analogue synth setup. Some folk are way too talented. Bastard.

Right - that rain had better stay off or they won't be able to light the fucker on Saturday night...

Bis - Fact 2002 EP
A1 - Love Will Tear Us Apart
A2 - Hurt
B1 - Shack Up
B2 - Looking From A Hilltop

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georgethe23rd said...

Awesome post. I didn't know this existed. Thanks.

the saucer people said...

While I have had their magnificent version of ACR's version of Banbarra's version of 'Shack Up' on regular play for years I had no idea they did a whole freakin' EP full of Factory covers...2002 was a bit of a blank spot for me...cannot wait to hear what they have done to 'Looking From A Hilltop' possibly the best Factory release ever....well maybe not ever but close!

Huge thanks for sharing this also loved the link to the Model 500 cover, some people have too much talent don't they just - liked the authentic 'bad wiring/crap earth' "sound texture" he dropped in half way through the track!

Also thanks to Novemberer for the link, its Factory Covers Blog Frenzy week!

PS> Moggieboy - Hope they did not mistake you for Edward Woodward at the festival... ;)

edward woodard

Anonymous said...

No more posts;-(