Saturday, 31 July 2010

Factory Floor - Planning Application EP

4-track EP from 2008 on One of One Records.

This is rare-as-fuck and I'm hoping that therefore I can get away with uploading it in its entirety(??) but can easily pull if not. Off to see 'em at the Electric Frog Street Carnival tomorrow and cannae fucking wait. Also appearing are Planetary Assault Systems (live) and Liquid Liquid (live), alongside the Optimo fellas so it should be a good day out.

I've said it before and will no doubt say it again - this is THE band of 2010 for me, absolutely fuckin love 'em, and if you get the chance to experience the live show then you must go see it.

I might have tagged the tracks wrong, as there's no indication on the label as to which side's which and the Discogs order doesn't match up with the vinyl. Not the end of the world though.

Have a listen to the Radio Magnetic Electric Frog Podcast if you're swithering about whether it'll be a good idea to go along tomorrow or not. £32 might seem a bit steep but when you do the maths it's definitely worth it.

Must attempt to take it easy tonight for maximum enjoyment tomorrow though...

*EDIT* Check out the brand new Optimo FF-inspired 'g*th mix' over here...

Factory Floor - Planning Application EP
A1 - Taxidermist
A2 - Post Is Here
A3 - Francis, Francis
B1 - Felt Suit
B2 - I Was Always Wrong

Check oot the FF myspazz here


Rey Rey said...

Totally looking forward to check out these jams! Thanks for the turn on and for bothering! Have a good one!

kingpossum said...

Sounds like JJ Burnel snuck in on Taxidermist. Thanks for the post and your vigilance, Moggieboy!

Anonymous said...

oooohhhh this is REALLY good... never really got them before but loving this... cheers as always!

Novemberer said...

This is their best release to date if you ask moi...