Monday, 12 July 2010

Higamos Hogamos - Sorcery

A taster track from the new mini-album, released this week.

I just took delivery of this beauty, and recommend strongly that regular viewers do the same. It's a 6-track CD that you can get direct from the band for the princely sum of a fiver including UK postage. Every track's a winner.

I've been itching to get my paws on some new HH stuff for a while, and the website says that there's ANOTHER of these coming out very soon, so we are getting truly spoiled here. I've randomly plumped for "5-Htp", named after those pills that you're supposed to gub the day after a blowout - they've never really cured me but then again, I dunno what I'd have been like without 'em. Oh well...

Now, all we need are some live dates and we're sorted...

Higamos Hogamos - Sorcery
1 - Sorcery
2 - O Deo
3 - Deuced
4 - 5-Htp
5 - Jahari Window
6 - Sorcery (Version)

Buy it here for a fiver all in


Anonymous said...

Moggieboy..... your a Glasgow lad.... any chance of finding the Bis FACT 2002 release? Can see it here:

tony said...

An chance of getting a copy of the 'O Deo' track off the Sorcery EP? I just ordered the CD from their site but I live in Cyprus and it'll take over a week to get here and I'm playing at a party tomorrow and wanted to play that tune. Any chance you can help a brother out?

Moggieboy said...

Anon - working on it. Watch this space.

Moggieboy said...

Tony - it you send me your email addy (moggieboy at gmaili dot com) I'll sort you out.

Anonymous said...

Moggieboy - no need - found it already.... I can send it if you give me an email..... thanks anyway... from a Glasgow boy out in Hong Kong!

Moggieboy said...

Yes please - moggieboy (at) gmail (dot) com