Friday, 9 July 2010

Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - Home Session 1975.09.26 Hamburg

Unreleased gem from a 1975 home session.

Rescued from an old cassette from the vaults apparently - this is ideal fodder for a Sunday, but I've just listened to it in full this Friday afternoon so go figure. Lots of beautiful bubbling synth noises for approx 44 minutes (until the tape ran out).

I didn't know who Mr Schickert was, and wasn't helped by the mis-spelling on the cover image below, but he's got a myspace which gives you quite a comprehensive biography. Unfortunately my Cope bible is currently lent out to someone else (who better be looking after it), will need to give that another read whenever I get it back.

What is it with these Kraut dudes - they were all prolific as fuck, could certainly teach today's whippersnappers a thing or two, with their 3-years-between-albums carry on.

Right, the weekend is here so I'm off to buy some wine. Chin chin...

Klaus Schulze & Günter Schickert - Home Session 1975.09.26 Hamburg
1 - Home Session (6 parts)

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Novemberer said...

Yep, I like the look of this!

ytz said...

Brilliant, thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

thanks for throwing this one up.. unique.. js.