Wednesday, 14 July 2010

Optimo - Podcast 6 - Acid Eyeful

Latest instalment from Glasgow's finest, with JD Twitch at the helm this time.

Phew - they're chucking them out fast now, what with the bizarre Godcast last week, and now this beauty.


From the accompanying blurb, "... celebrating the little silver box that is the Roland TB 303, the machine that along with some innovators from Chicago gave the world Acid House."

This is shaping up to be my favourite Optimo Podcast so far, couldn't be more up my street if it came and parked its ass outside R-i-G Towers. No tracklisting as such, but I've put in what info has been supplied. Any individual track requests can be made via Echatio or their Facebook page.

Phew! I think it's gonna be an acidic afternoon. Pass the microdots (I wish)...

Optimo - Podcast 6 - Acid Eyeful
Contains tracks by:
Charles B
Azari and III
Floating Points
James T Cotton
James "Jack Rabbit" Martin
Roman Flugel
... and many more

Buy In Order To Edit, a nice companion to this mix, here


Anonymous said...

Fucking dynamite this, just got round to it, you need to take holidays more often mate, totally spoiled with all these mixes at the minute, I've stopped listening to albums!!!!!!

Nathan said...

Too few and far between hearing sets like this played out... locks you down and doesn't let you up again.