Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute's Handbag EP

6-track EP from Manchester based synth duo, released 2010 on Nerve Echo.

I got put onto this pair recently via a friend, and can't get enough of them just now. From the accompanying blurb, TITN is a collaboration between poet Helên Thomas and musician Owen J. To simply class it as 80s-esque synths / production would do it an injustice, but that's no doubt what lazy journalists will use, so it'll do me (Paul Morley, your job's safe). The thing that swings it for me though, is the vocals. A mixture of effects-laden male speech on some tracks, and hilarious female singing on others. It's been a long time since the vocals in an electronic track made me laugh, but a few on here do just that.

You can hear the full EP on their Reverbnation page, or buy it using the link below. There are other tracks on that Reverbnation site, including the wonderful "Shagging The Milkman", which contains the couplet, "His resistance cannot fight me, When he sees me in me nightie". Magnificent stuff.

It's been a while since I've been this impressed with an electronic act, hopefully they'll play gigs at some point but I'll make do with the tracks online just now. I'm always getting sent stuff by electronic acts to put on the blog and most of it is fairly shite, accompanied by increasingly desperate emails. This wee discovery is down to my mate, and fuck knows how he discovered them (maybe online looking for a 'forest of cocks' I suppose).

I've upped two tracks for you to download (the same link does both tracks), but the rest of it's all there to stream...

Tingle In The Netherlands - Prostitute's Handbag EP
1 - Prostitute's Handbag
2 - I lost My Heart To A Starship Cleaner
3 - A Forest Of Cocks
4 - Mammals
5 - Prostitute's Handbag Atomizer Remix
6 - A Forest Of Cocks Instrumental

Buy it here
Check out the myspazz site


the saucer people said...

"I lost my heart to a starship cleaner, oozing fluids from out of his face"


Seldom does quality humour and breathtaking electronic compositions come together in one unit, you and your friend have stumbled upon something really original..its the 1% like this that reminds me that ultimately 99% of new music found on the interweb is truly shite!

replica bag said...

Great! I'm looking forward for this EP. They're a really great band. Hope they'll come to Ontario someday.

fabric handbags said...

They're a pretty good band. But I don't like some of their songs because of the theme. But their melodies are nice.

the saucer people said...

"They're a pretty good band. But I don't like some of their songs because of the theme. But their melodies are nice."

There's a theme?!?!? Pray tell what offends you so...I can see from your profile name its something to do with handbags ;)