Monday, 23 August 2010

The First Time With... Bill Drummond - 6 Music Rip

An hour of chat and music with the Greatest Living Scotsman, recorded off 6 Music yesterday.

Matt Everitt spoke to King Boy D about his musical life and played some suitable records along the way. Anyone who's read Bill's books or seen any of his recent(ish) talky shows will be familiar with most of the tales here, but I could listen to him read a shopping list and still dig it - he's got a unique ability to make ANYTHING sound interesting; his latest book features in depth analysis of different bird species and thoughts on evolution of fish in Scottish lakes (which I found fascinating).

The inevitable question of the million quid rears its head in the second half, but the subject gets dealt with fairly painlessly (they definitely did it - of course they did).

It's split into pre-KLF before the news (edited out) and KLF-beyond afterwards, culminating in some banter about all "The 17" carry on from a couple of years ago.

Well worth an hour of anyone's time...

The First Time With... Bill Drummond - 6 Music Rip
1 - The KLF and The Children Of The Revolution — 3 AM Eternal
2 - Lonnie Donegan — Rock Island Line
3 - The Beatles — Penny Lane
4 - The Beatles — Strawberry Fields Forever
5 - Big in Japan — Cindy And The Barbi Dolls
6 - The Teardrop Explodes — Treason (It's Just A Story)
7 - Echo & The Bunnymen — Villiers Terrace
8 - The KLF and The Children Of The Revolution — What Time Is Love?
9 - The Justified Ancients of Mu Mu — It'S Grim Up North
10 - The Timelords — Doctorin The Tardis
11 - The KLF and Tammy Wynette — Justified & Ancient
12 - Fairport Convention — Who Knows Where The Time Goes

Buy his latest book here


niv said...

feckin' brilliant - thanks SO much for posting this!

Jim said...

Missed this Mog - many thanks for posting it. The man's a national hero.

Keir said...

Shame there was nothing from The Man! Might have been nice to play up to the news with King Of Joy or something.

Swally P said...

One Bill Drummond, there is only one Bill Drummond. Thanks a million for putting this on.