Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Hallogallo 2010 - Blinkgürtel/ Drone Schlager

7" single on Vampire Blues, available from the Hallogallo 2010 shows this year.

Fuck me - what a show that was last night. The lineup was the same as when I saw them in May at Primavera - Michael Rother, Steve Shelley from Sonic Youth (drums) and Aaron Mullan from Tall Firs (bass). I think the Primavera gig was their debut performance - Steve Shelley was a bit out of sync and there were a few mistakes, but last night was perfect - absolutely mindblowing.

You cannot afford miss this show - there are a few more dates around the world, including more UK shows - check 'em out here. It was an hour and 15mins of intense rhythmic majesty - my body was moving about involuntarily, and during rare moments of taking a step back and checking out the other punters, I wasn't alone. Wasn't pissed either, and no other nonsense (Tuesday night after all). Steve Shelley must be a contender drummer-wise out of the current crop of tubthumpers - his arms must have been fucked afterwards. A great mix of punters as well - looked like there were a few casualties from the 70s as well as cunts like us. I'd never seen anyone wearing a Tangerine Dream t-shirt before last night, so that's one to tick off the list.

I'm sure the Edinburgh show last night must have been recorded; there's nothing up on Dime yet but you can stream a superb recording of the New York show from a couple of weeks ago here. I'm recording it as we speak so will upload once it's done.

I couldn't believe it when I saw that they were selling this 7". What's a tenner for a 7" after the expense of the Neu! box set? It's got a couple of no bad (on first listen) unreleased tracks by this lineup, which I'm pretty sure weren't played at the gig. The B-side's a wee bit crackly so I'll see if the copies that the rest of the gang bought are the same and will grab a rip off them if theirs are any different. I'll give these tunes a bit more attention once I've finished listening to that show from New York.

Herr Rother looked so appreciative of the audience - he looked majestic, cool as fuck. Wish he was my uncle, or something...

Hallogallo 2010 - Blinkgürtel/ Drone Schlager
A - Blinkgürtel
B - Drone Schlager

Check out Michael Rother's Myspace here


the saucer people said...

Blinding review! I have been waiting for something like that to convince me to get tickets for the Barbican in October.

Thanks for the heads-up on the New York show, just listening to it now and six minutes into the "Hallogallo 2010" track it already blows 99.9% of current music out of the water....I could quite literally die happy to those synth sounds & Steve Shelley sounds like he was born to play the apache beat and actually reminds me why I got into SY back in the mid-eighties...glad to hear you are ripping it for a post as all my streamed rips sound shite.

Thanks also for the 7 Inch rip though like you say the Drone Schlager track is pretty crackly for a new record....perhaps the crackles were included in the mix as some ironic take on the 'Schlager' phenomenon (in essence crap kraut-pop)..hilarious German humour perhaps?!

Thought I would add to the Neu! material, you probably have these but for the Neubies! out there:

Betty Botox - Dingered & Rothered [2005]:

Neu! - Hallogallo [Beyond The Wizards Sleeve 'I Swim Around' Rework 2008]:

Michael Rother - Neutronics 98

Oh! and thanks for the YT link, now I can finally impress the 'ladies' with my "Krump" moves but before that I am going to find out why my missus gave away my Tangerine Dream tee-shirt to some Scottish cunt ;)

Jim said...

Thanks Mog - and the Saucer.

Karl said...

hey moggie -- thanks so much for posting this, but in addition to the one side being quite crackly as you mentioned, i believe there's a skip on the other side as well -- any possibility of another rip? really appreciate the posting of the hallogallo live gig and everything you do, really!!!

Nicky said...

Cheers once again mate! Seeing them tonight in Chicago. Will post more Die Engel Des Herrn (live lp) tomorrow for everybody to enjoy.