Friday, 20 August 2010

Hallogallo 2010 - Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival - 6 August 2010

Recent live show, ripped from this blog as mentioned on the post below.

This will make a nice companion to the 7" rip from the gig, and should convince anyone who's undecided about going to see 'em that Hallogallo 2010 is an unmissable gig.

Not too much to add to what was said below, but in answer to a couple of emails I've had recently moaning about the fact that my web rips are 320kbps when they're usually streamed at less than that I can only say, "get tae fuck". Some folk are never happy.

In case you didn't read the comments below by official "friend of RiG" The Saucer People and anon below, here are a few more Neu! related items of interest (big thanks to you both):

Betty Botox - Dingered & Rothered [2005]

Neu! - Hallogallo [Beyond The Wizards Sleeve 'I Swim Around' Rework [2008]

Michael Rother - Neutronics 98

Helicon - Hallogallo (interesting cover by a bunch from east Kilbride)

Anyway, Hallogallo 2010 in the house. Have a blast with this one. I'm off on a cocktail making course just now...

Hallogallo 2010 - Lincoln Center Out Of Doors Festival - 6 August 2010
1 - Hallogallo 2010 (Unreleased)
2 - Neutronics 98 (A Tribute to Conny Plank)
3 - Aroma Club B3
4 - Deluxe
5 - Veteranissimo
6 - Dino

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M— said...

Hey Moggie,

Couple more fuck yeah! links for ya:

Michael Rother & friends - live at Primavera Sound 2010, ripped from a WFMU streaM;

And just to add to the goodness, Rother's 'Neutronics 98' is from the superb covers compilation A Homage to Neu! (Autechre doing 'Weissensee' ffs!), which we posted on Friendsound a couple of years back and is still live:•-various-a-homage-to-neu/

Stefan M—

Moggieboy said...

Cheers guys - nice to have a bit of link sharing and all that, comments ALWAYS appreciated...

Rey Rey said...

RiG strikes again! Like the Death In Vegas song, we are all Sons Of Rother! Maybe one day there will be a West Coast tour. For now these musical gems you share will have to do. Cheers!