Monday, 16 August 2010

Hardway Bros - Ekstravaganza 5 - Corsica Studios 23/7/10

New(ish) mix from Brother Johnston, recorded a few weeks ago in London town.

Got this sent via email from Mr J at the end of last week, and he said that there will be new ALFOS mixes from himself and Andrew Weatherall this week. Hopefully he'll send them over as well. This mix is great - I'm a bit out of touch with current stuff that's being played out so this has plenty of acts to investigate further, which I've been doing over the last couple of hours.

The mix was a warm-up set for Ivan Smagghe, who played Glasgow last night at Hung Up. I'm ashamed to say I didn't make it down, as I was paying the price for 24 hours of madness in Edinburgh & beyond, and couldn't do much more than veg out watching Oz on DVD nursing a bottle of wine last night. Next time, Ivan!

This party looks great - according to Sean, "the french fella and I pretty much tore 'em a new one." If this was a warm-up mix then fuck knows what the main set was like. In other news, he's working with Scott from BIOS on a techno side-project, so I look forward to hearing the fruits of that one...

Hardway Bros - Ekstravaganza 5 - Corsica Studios 23/7/10 <<== should be working OK now
1 - Tornado Wallace - Paddlin' (Linkwood remix)
2 - Skatebard - Starwatcher II
3 - Cole Medina - I Got My Mind Made Up (Cole's Remake)
4 - Runaway - Dirty Cake
5 - Rebolledo, Daniel Maloso - Colt Seavers
6 - Mike Burns - Patterns
7 - John Talabot - La Ninya - Afrodub Version
8 - Mungolian Jetset - Mush In The Bush
9 - Williams - Confused Arp Disco
10 - Spectacle - The Mask Of Sanity
11 - Andrew Weatherall - Brother Johnston's Travelling Disco Consultancy
12 - Junesex -Worst Than Love - Gilb'r Chateau Flight Remix
13 - Cage &Aviary -Beat-N-Path - Brennan Green's mix
14 - Von Spar -Troops - Rebolledo Remix
15 - Midnight Magic - Beam Me Up - Jacques Renault Remix
16 - Cole Medina - Red Hot - The Mole's MMD Mix
17 - Chopstick & Johnjon feat Fritz Kalkbrenner - Keep On Keepin' On
18 - T-Coy - Carino - Motor City Drum Ensemble mix
19 - Henrik Schwarz, Kuniyuki Takahashi - Once Again Kuniyuki Version
20 - Wolfgang Voigt - Geduld - DJ Koze Mix
21 - Roxy Music -The Main Thing - Rub N Tug Remix
22 - Jamie Jones - Ruckus

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thestarry said...

Your blog is fucking brilliant mate. Fine taste in electronica and the Glasgow banter makes me feel right at home and from Shawlands no less. Hope you keep up it man.

Anonymous said...

link no workin

Anonymous said...

do you have the record of Smagghe's set?
or maybe just the tracklisting?