Thursday, 12 August 2010

Silver Columns - Always On (Caribou Remix)

SUPERB mix of the Silver Columns track, courtesy of the wonderful people over at FACT Magazine.

I only realised when I read that article that one of the guys from Silver Columns was in Fridge, who I've got a couple of albums by (lurking somewhere in the quagmire). Will need to attempt to find them sometime soon as they were fucking fab - I went through a wee Fridge/Add N to (X) period back in the late 90s. Fuck - had completely forgotten about both those bands until just there.

Silver Columns are playing at the Devil Disco Club in Edinburgh tomorrow alongside some of Edinburgh's finest DJs, but alas I can't go, as we're saving ourselves for an all-dayer in the capital on Saturday. Back in the day the double-header would have been nae bother but these days it's a non-starter (fuckin lightweights the pair of us).

Anyway, you really have to check this mix out - it's released properly in a month or so, FACT describe Caribou's remix efforts as "turning ‘Always On’ into a eight minute epic brushed with live drums, handclaps and swooning, Hot Chip-esque romanticism". What's not to like...?

Silver Columns - Always On (Caribou Remix) <<-- direct link

Buy Silver Columns stuff here


Moggieboy said...

You are a fucking star - cheers for all this.

Ctelblog said...

And thanks to you for the FACT track link.