Friday, 10 September 2010

Aeroplane - August Mix Tape

Fairly recent mix from the Eskimo favourite.

Fuck me this is amazing - I've had this on the go for a while but hadn't listened to in its entirety until I came back from work yesterday. Absolutely fantastic mix. Anyone on the Eskimo mailing list will have this already, but this is for anyone who isn't.

Aeroplane look like they're about to go MASSIVE if recent 6 Music airplay of the new single (out on Monday) counts for anything. I see they've made a Lady Gaga pisstake video as well, so that's all gonna help the masterplan (I'm assuming).

I've always missed them (him?) when they've played Glasgow, which is surprising as they're up here all the time. Mind you, I'd probably be the oldest bastard there so maybe I'm better off checking them out from afar...

Aeroplane - August Mix Tape
1 - Marbeya Sound - No Anchor
2 - Hannulelauri - Zombie Tropicana
3 - Dana Bergquist - Acapulco
4 - Drop Out Orchestra - Baby Come Home (Sit On My Ritz) Dub Mix
5 - Cosmonauts - El Toro (Italo Dub)
6 - Kasper Bjore - Heaven (Muzzle Flash Remix)
7 - Mark Seven - Pillow Talk
8 - Loin Brothers - Garden of Vargulf (Tornado Wallace Remix)
9 - Diskokaine - Hall of Shame (Hannulelauri Remix)
10 - Julie Walehwa - I Mind (Weirdo Police Remix)

Order THAT new Aeroplane record here


Ron said...

This is dynamite, made Saturday afternoon tidying of the flat rather enjoyable. I'm off to see these dudes in Manchester with Weatherall/Smagghe in December it's gonna be mega!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Him. It was two, but they split amicably.