Monday, 13 September 2010

Troy Tate - Love Is... (Dance Mix)

Solo 12" by him-out-of-the-Teardrop-Explodes from 1983 on Rough Trade.

Picked this up as part of a '7x12"s for a fiver' deal at a great new second hand vinyl shop that's just opened about 4 minutes from my front door. Fuck - that's me screwed, got a whole load already and barely scratched the surface. Looks like they've got hunners of great stuff if you're prepared to wade through the crates.

Alongside the various session musicians on this are Virginia Astley, Rolo McGinty and David Balfe. Star-studded, eh? I hadn't heard this prior to shelling out my 70p or so on it and it was the Julian Cope fan in me who picked it up, but it's actually really good - not nearly as dated as you'd think. In fact, some of the production is almost Moroder-esque - I shit you not. The A-side's actually a right catchy wee ditty that I've just caught m'lady singing along to.

I realise that I'm talking this up maybe a wee bit too much but there you go - take a chance on an early 80s electronic synthy oddity, I dare you...

Troy Tate - Love Is... (Dance Mix)
A - Love Is... (Dance Mix)
B1 - Love Is...
B2 - I'm Mad
B3 - Lifeline

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Fatbhoyjim said...

Hi whats the name of the record shop please? Would love to know as a fellow Glaswegian

Moggieboy said...

It's Southside Records in the Shawlands Arcade. Doesn't seem to be run by music fans - it's the same people who own the cheap book shop down from it, so they dont know what some of the stuff is worth. Not in any order bur good for a rummage.

Fatbhoyjim said...

Cheers Moggieboy. Live in Kingspark so will pop over tomorrow