Thursday, 26 February 2009

Alter Ego - Luke Slater & The 2 Lone Swordsmen Decode The Hacker Myth

Way before the 'heavy rotation' of the Rocker track from FIVE years ago (WTF - how old does that make you feel?), Alter Ego had an album called Decoding The Hacker Myth. Not a collaboration with The Hacker *sigh* but still a no' bad release. I never had it but heard it about, only got this one due to the remixes if the truth be told.

The Luke Slater mix is suitably 'bangin' with lots of mental noises over the top - ie just what you'd expect. The two TLS mixes could have fitted into their own releases at that time as well. Remixes by numbers for cash? Surely not...

A - Lycra (The Dinosaur Mix)
B1 - Mescal (2 Lone Swordsmen Remix)
B2 - Mescal (2 Lone Swordsmen Dub)

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