Friday, 6 February 2009

Bjork cut by the Sabres Of Paradise - One Day - Remixes

It's like groundhog day round here. First up Friday Sparks, then Friday Bjork/Weatherall mixes. A few weeks ago I posted up the 140bpm stomper that is the Adrenalin (Far Removed) mix. Here are the other two mixes that he did for the track. These came out on a slightly more easily obtainable 10" in a nice red sleeve. You can kinda see how he ended up with the above mix if you listen to what he does with these two.

First up, there's the chilled out 52.5bpm Endorphin Mix, which keeps the Bjork vocal but adds some suitable Weatherall darkness on top.

On the flipside there's the 105bpm (exactly double! hmmm...) Springs Eternal Mix, which is one helluva life-affirming piece of music. No words as such, but he's managed to grab a vocal line that I didn't notice in the original and turn it into a hook.

I'll complete the set by re-uploading the Adrenalin Mix for anyone who missed out first time around. I love Fridays, especially ones when I can knock off early and do this kinda shit in the afternoon!

Bjork cut by the Sabres Of Paradise - One Day

1 Endorphin Mix
2 Springs Eternal Mix
3 Adrenalin (Far Removed) Mix

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Tommy said...

Top man Moggieboy!