Tuesday, 17 February 2009

Steve Bicknell - The Remix EP

Now this is a PUNISHING set of remixes on the Cosmic label. Remixes of what? No idea, there are no titles or anything like that. Check out the list of remixers though - Planetary Assault Systems, Steve Bicknell himself, Dave Angel and Andrew Weatherall in his Lords Of Afford guise.

The Weatherall mix is mental - I used to mix with it over all sorts of inappropriate tracks, it just begged for it.

Steve Bicknell - The Remix EP

Orange Side:
Untitled (Dave Angel Remix)
Untitled (Lords Of Afford Remix)

Black Side:
Untitled (Planetary Assault System Remix)
Untitled (Steve Bicknell Remix)

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Anonymous said...

Superb- thanks!